Jindal’s Sentencing Committee Surprised by Jindal!!!

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Governor Bobby Jindal Making a Point

Once again, I cannot believe the world that our esteemed Governor, Bobby Jindal, lives in. This commission was charged by Bobby himself to find ways to reduce Louisiana’s world leading incarceration rate. It took months of work to build a consensus. His administration tossed away several very inexpensive solutions offered by the committee.

The first, would give D.A.’s some sway concerning mandatory sentences. If someone doesn’t deserve the maximum, he/she can get less, if the district attorneys agree.  The most severe crimes don’t count for this possible reduction. This is a free program that costs the state nothing, and gets the right folks out of jail faster.

Prisoner Entering his Cell Handcuffed

Prisoner Entering his Cell Handcuffed

The second, to reduce the drug free zones from 2,000 feet to 1,000 feet, had the consent of most D.A.’s and many Sheriffs. In urban areas, 2,000 feet covers the whole town! Again this change would cost the taxpayers nothing.

Another proposal would have removed attempted crimes from the list of violent crimes requiring longer sentences. D.A.’s could reinstate the designation for individual cases.  Once again, a free solution lowering the inmate population one case at a time.

A large percentage of inmates are serving sentences for drug offenses, and many would be eligible for shorter sentences. This gets folks out of jail faster, meaning less total inmates.

Louisiana leads the nation in incarceration rates, with 881/100,000 residents in jail. Mississippi is number two, with 502/100,000 residents in jail. That’s quite a distance from us!

More than half of Louisianians sentenced to state time are in the custody of local sheriffs who must keep their beds full to keep in the black. That’s a heck of a situation!!

We also lead the world!! This is extremely troubling and sad, and must be changed for New Orleans’ sake. What a statistic to lead the world in!

USSC -Annual National Seminar 2010

USSC -Annual National Seminar 2010

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One Response to “Jindal’s Sentencing Committee Surprised by Jindal!!!”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t even heard about the commission.

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