300 Rule Trumps 150 Rule!!

I’ve written several entries on the 150 Rule concerning Diversion, Probation & Parole (a state agency), and Indigent Defender.

Diversion Sign

Diversion Sign

Now after analyzing the Domestic Violence section, the 150 Rule appears to fit this department as well. Checking Cannizzaro’s web page for the Domestic Violence Division, all it says is Information is Coming Soon. I think the D.A. should find the time to fill in this section.

Domestic Violence Circle

Domestic Violence Circle

The real news of this entry concerns the Indigent Defender (ID)  department, which has suffered on very hard times recently. This directly relates to the money owed ID by our nefarious Traffic Court. Coincidentally, the Chief Judge  over-payed a simple Traffic Court accountant, also his campaign manager for the by $2 million over three years!

This translates into no money flowing to ID during December 2011, January 2012 and now February. The main repercussion of the stopped payments is ID has laid off 27 attorneys to date. This forces the Criminal Court judges to delay trials due to lack of representation.

Meanwhile, the case load for the average Indigent Defender has crept up from the unmanageable 150 to the unspeakably unbelievable 300 per attorney, including capital cases. Now, these attorneys for the poor aren’t even caretakers; they ignore many cases until the day they appear in court! This is equal justice under the eyes of the law?

~ by neworleansmusicman on February 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “300 Rule Trumps 150 Rule!!”

  1. […] keep at danger young people out of the system when they are first caught, with programs like Diversion, which I’ve written about extensively. Diviersion is tragically underfunded, as is the […]

  2. […] This issue is huge, it affects the indigent defender, diversion, probation & parole, and domestic violence programs, among others. All these well meaning programs are severely underfunded, meaning the counselors are way too few. The District Attorney and Judges have been expanding the programs as well. When you have a couple hundred clients, the only ones you keep track of are the ones that are in trouble with the law.  Putting out fires is the name of the game. I’ve written about this in multiple blog posts. […]

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