At Long Last, Jim Lettin Pursues Former NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin!!!!

The Teflon former mayor, Ray Nagin, is now officially in the hot seat. When a federal grand jury investigates you, they generally have a tight case. Such is the work of our remarkable US Attorney Jim Letten. They are looking into whether city vendors gave Nagin freebies ranging from materials and equipment to plane tickets for his family’s granite counter-top business and also helped the firm secure an exclusive installation deal with a retail giant while mayor of our fair town.

”]”]”]Look, it’s the Mayor of Hurricane Katrina, Ray Nagin, showing off the New Orleans Police Department’s new guns! He’s setting a good example for the city he cannot control. [AP Photo]Nagin abandoned New Orleans after Katrina to start a very long world tour, claiming he was the savior of New Orleans! This was so disingenuous at the time we almost choked on his evilness. Now, he snipes at the City that Care Forgot via Twitter 140 character entries. His dreadful eight years led to voters’ remorse, which led to the first white mayor in decades, Mitch Landrieu, the son of the last white mayor, Moon Landrieu.

Jim Letten has three chances to nail the former mayor. The first concerns home maintenance and luxury travel paid for by city technology vendors who have already been convicted;  the fat granite counter-top installation contract with the Home Depot; a minimum of two businesses with City Hall contracts arranged for the delivery of free materials and equipment to the Nagin family’s now closed firm.

Even if Jim Letten was incompetent, and he’s the opposite of that, he could obtain one conviction out of three. I fully expect him to convict the former mayor of all three charges to come. Here’s a link to Clancy DuBos’ Gambit editorial on this case. He states there are more than three- there’s four shots at the golden ring!

Some of the key names floating around this landmark case are Greg Meffert, Frank Fradella, Larry Laseter, and Mark St. Pierre. We should recognize Meffert and St. Pierre, familiar names who left the administration in disgrace and now are cooperating with Jim Letten’s team.

Greg Meffert, former Technology Chief for Ray Nagin

Greg Meffert, former Technology Chief for Ray Nagin

~ by neworleansmusicman on February 10, 2012.

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