Mushroom Makes Their Way Past 3.3 Organic Sachets!!

Six Scents Organic Sachet from

Six Scents Organic Sachet from

The new Organic Sachets from the Mushroom certainly fit the bill of superior sachets. That’s the word on the street from my multiple sources.  One of the hottest blends is the Six Scents Sachet. We may be talking about 3.4, 3.5, and possibly 3.6 here. It’s not clear at this time, but I’m working on an answer. Nevertheless, 3 .3 and above sachets rock the buyers almost like 2.0 and below, according to word on the street.

The Mushroom is an incredible operation. It has supported umpteen Tulane students for many a decade. The operation never contracts or grows in space, they have occupied the same spot, the 2nd floor  above the Boot, another Tulane institution for years and years and years. At the moment, below the Mushroom is also a tiny little shop,  Crepes A La Cart. Try a crepe from this small company, they are really delicious.

~ by neworleansmusicman on February 3, 2012.

3 Responses to “Mushroom Makes Their Way Past 3.3 Organic Sachets!!”

  1. I just got a hold of some stuff called fusion I was wondering if it’s a G3 version??

  2. I totally agree, flaroma definitely is getting it together. Got the inside word that they are currently reformulating all of their organic sachet lineup to be better than their current botanical potpourri. If my sources are correct they should be release within the month of April.

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