Gregory J. Barro, PLC and His Shady, Shady Practice of ‘Law’!!

Barro Garnishment Proof

Barro Garnishment Proof

Just received updated deposit notifications for my friend. Way worse nefarious behavior by Barro! He really has dirty hands! He not only garnished my friend after the garnish was paid, once through a two week pay period, he also garnished my friend two extra two times!! So three illegal garnishments amounting to $1,500 instead of  nothing! Time to call the Bar Association Sheriffs!! The above document proves that three false garnishments were applied to my friend’s pay, look at the 0.00 in Amount Paid column!! The document was created by the billing superhero who helped my friend recover his life after this highly suspicious treatment. The nerve of this unfair, unethical attorney!

This is the type of attorney that gives attorneys a black eye. He’s underhanded, nefarious, and worse. If this excuse for a lawyer gets a hold of your name, he’ll sue you for the fun of it, even without having a case. He’ll make one up. I have a close friend who paid off a credit card, then got sued for that same card by Barro! He doesn’t notify you so he can go to Court and win hands down. Then he gets the Judge to garnish your wages to an unbelievable degree- $1,000 a month for a supposed $1,350 debt!! The Court signs off on the judgement so they seem complicit in this ridiculous garnishment.

So my friend has this usury garnishment. His place of employment was served with court papers to enforce the process. For months this garnishment was in place, hobbling his family financially. The management of his business knew all about the garnishment.

My friend looked like crap to his bosses and had no extra money to spend on anything. What a deal, all this pain and suffering for a debt that didn’t exist and sued for said debt without receiving legal notice.

So the months go by and the fake $1,350 debt became a garnishment of $5,000!! My friend called the shyster lawyer and got a secretary. She looked up the paperwork, and when she was asked how the supposed debt grew so enormously,  she reeled off a long list of payees, all sharing the big new revenue stream. So this is how the world is supposed to work?

When I learned of the sad tale, I googled Greg Barro and found a site called Who Calls Me? and they’ve got a page dedicated to Barro. He used to collect for AT&T until he abused the system so extremely that folks started calling AT&T directly and complained loudly. AT&T let Barro go. Take a look at the complaints here.

Just discovered that Barro was a Louisiana State Senator (1992-96) and a Democrat to boot. I was sure he was a Republican! Here’s what Greg looked like then-

Gregory J. Barro

Gregory J. Barro as state senator

After five months, the garnishment is supposed to end. My friend calls Barro and and speaks to a Rebecca Baird, who faxes a letter stating the garnishment is over and Ccs First City Court in New Orleans. My friend gives the fax to the right person in the billing department who states that the fax is worthless for stopping the garnishment! A phony document from a shyster lawyer.  The billing department is forced to garnish my friend again, but holds on to the $500 and escrows the money into a business account.

So Barro can turn on a garnishment no problem, but  refuses to turn one off! Who does the work to shut it off? My friend’s place of employment, who takes control of the situation and calls the court directly and receives a fax within a day freeing my friend from the miserable, illegal garnishment.

A few days later, the billing department person who showed my friend real kindness tells him, “how would you like some extra money in your next paycheck?”  The nightmare was over at last for my friend, how about everyone else Barro steals from?


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4 Responses to “Gregory J. Barro, PLC and His Shady, Shady Practice of ‘Law’!!”

  1. I too had a friend that was garnished through Greg Barro, unfortunately after checking this Firm out, sadly they are legally correct and legitimate. When they called her for two years trying to get her to pay the old credit card, which was bought from another bank, she refused so they sued her. Remember this, once you are sued on a debt the interest,attorney fees,principal are all added. The friend that tell you he or she don’t owe is probably not telling you the truth, when they file suit they Also attach proof, its required. When the garnishment starts the attorney himself has to file paperwork to stop it, only because the sheriff office has control. Any over pays are sent back to you after the audit shows all fees are paid. I learned through my friend PAY YOUR DEBT, this attorney. will Sue and my friend wish she would have paid before or after she got served, but she waited for the garnishment which sadly cost her a lot more money. I did look up this attorney and he did have negative ratings from At&t, but of course those people owed for disconnected phone bills that thought they had gotten away with not having to pay.

    • Hi Melissa,
      Thanks for commenting.I stand by my story, if you read those AT&T forums closer, you’ll see that lots of those folks never had AT&T accounts and Barro sued them regardless. The amounts he garnished were usury. In my example, they refused to do the minimal work to end the garnishment on time, and three additional payments were garnished because they refused to re-contact the very people they served when they efficiently started the garnishment.

  2. I got a letter from this guy’s lawfirm saying that I owed almost a thousand dollars on a credit card, and I’ve never even had a credit card. My name wasn’t spelled correctly in the letter. I called the credit card company and none of the information from the account matched mine. So I called Barro’s office to alert them to the mistake (They refused to send me documentation saying that I was not liable). Anyway, I’m kinda worried that they’re gonna try to screw me over anyway after reading your post. I don’t know if they’re crooked or just making mistakes left and right, but either way it seems like there’s something fishy about it.

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