Incredible Traffic Court Hijinks via Red Light/Speeding Camera System!!

WOW!! Traffic Court Speeding Camera Image

WOW!! Traffic Court Speeding Camera Image during Katrina!!

Without any knowledge of any tickets, I am a Traffic Camera Scofflaw!! I am on the list the Times-Picayune is seeking in court!

Looked at my credit card statement, and found two $25 charges that I didn’t recognize from Budget Car Rental. I have rented a few cars over the last few months.  Called Budget, and they told me they were from tickets I had gotten while in their car. I didn’t remember receiving any tickets recently, so I pursued the matter. Found out about a company called American Traffic Solutions (ATS). These are the folks who collect those red light/speeding camera tickets that cannot be fought in court locally. Your attorney cannot do anything about these either. Here’s how ATS describes themselves in their own words-

American Traffic Solutions Description

American Traffic Solutions Description

I was referred to a second site of ATS, Rental Car, and a third, Violation Rental Car Ticket has the details of the ticket, but there’s something very fishy about the info they give you.  We are talking about a camera speeding ticket that costs $75 to $235. But at rental car ticket, they list my ticket as $25!

No where does it say that’s only the administrative fee for Budget to get paid for turning over your contact info and contract to ATS. This is in addition to the much higher fees for the ticket. The ticket rises depending on how fast you were going over the speed limit. Below is the payment chart-

Speed Over Authorized Speed Limit Civil Penalty
1 through 9 mph $75
10 through 14 mph $110
15 through 20 mph $160
Greater than 20 mph $235

Now here’s where things really murky. I never received any ticket or notice, but I moved a few months ago. Budget receives $25 to give ATS my contact info and contract. This is all done by computer, so it’s a clear $25 profit for Budget. Budget has my new address, since my address has to jibe with my credit card address. But when ATS gets that address they deep six it, and get an address from your license. Since many people move all the time, the address on their license isn’t current.

Mailing a ticket to an old address is a sure way for the ticket to accrue it’s maximum value, and make sure their the person who gets the ticket never hears about it until it’s way too late.

This is a huge scam by traffic court! And it’s only part one!

Traffic Court Camera Scam part 2 has to do with the illegal ticket they mail to everyone at their old address, but it’s available to view at rental car

What is a speeding ticket? By definition, it’s a moving violation. The car is going too fast. That’s moving.  But no, it’s not moving violation if you are speeding at the lower end of the chart, one mph to nine mph over the limit on an ATS ticket.

This violation is a non-moving infraction. No points will be assessed and the infraction will not be reported to your insurance company.

To avoid additional late fees being assessed, you must respond to this Notice (payment received or a hearing) before the due date indicated above.

No where on the ticket does it say how much they will charge you if you dilly dally around and delay paying. It could be $250 or whatever. That’s very wrong. I think they are throwing me a bone for going the lowest category of miles over the speed limit (one to nine miles/hr over), and changing the ticket to a non moving violation type.

This strategy fits perfectly with Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux’s report, which checked 250 cop written tickets, and found that all but 1 had been dismissed or changed to non-moving violations when they were challenged in court.

I think this invalidates the ticket, as a speeding ticket is a moving violation, and changing the ticket on their own to a non moving violation isn’t kosher or fair to others who might not have gotten this ‘deal’. There is more to this, the next installment will cover MORE shady practices by Traffic Court!

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 22, 2011.

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