Bar Fight Leads to Brain Damage For Victim, Light Charge for Assailant!!

Talk about the wrong charge on the right man! This case smells like a case of rotten oysters. How in G-d’s name did the assailant earn a 2nd degree battery charge? I really would like to know who filed that charge, and how that charge was reached. On Wednesday, Jason Samuel Lawrence, 23, of New Orleans turned himself in to the police.

Jason Lawrence photo

Jason Lawrence photo

The victim’s head is messed up horribly! The poor guy suffered eight skull fractures, bruises to his brain lobes and neuron damage! He has difficulty with short term memory, everyday tasks, and speaking properly in conversation. He is unable to drive, and can no longer run his appliance repair business by himself- he needs an assistant now.

The incident occurred at the Jax Brewery Bistro Bar in the French Quarter.  The police said Lawrence allegedly placed the victim in a headlock, choked him unconscious, then threw him down a flight of concrete steps. According to witnesses, a crowd of around 50 people gathered around and were egging on the fight. Seeing the victim motionless on the landing, with blood pooling in his eyes and running down his face, the crowd changed their tune and began helping immediately. 911 was quickly called, and the victim’s throat was lifted to help keep his air passages free. Blood was everywhere.

According to Dr. Beth Wee, co-director of Tulane University’s neuroscience program, the areas of his brain that bled and are damaged, the right temporal lobe and the left frontal lobe, are areas that control planning, emotions, and language skills. Wee didn’t treat the victim. Depending on the severity of the brain trauma, the brain may recover or not.

The victim’s buddies say his personality has changed. His girlfriend says the same.

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 15, 2011.

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