New Orleans Mayor Lets Loose About Sloppy Police Work After Recent Jury Service!!

Mayor Mitch Landrieu had plenty to say after serving on a murder case, and he wasn’t very happy with NOPD’s work.  It may have been a first for a sitting New Orleans mayor, sitting on a murder case jury. After four votes, the jury was deadlocked 6-6, and Criminal Court Judge Arthur Hunter declared a mistrial.  According to the mayor, what made this case different was the eyewitness testimony from the victim, who usually isn’t able aid in solving the crime.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Here’s the list of mistakes the police made in this one case:

1. No blood samples were taken by officers who arrived on the scene.

2. No interviews of neighbors or the manager of the apartment complex where the victim lived and was shot.

3. The victim’s cellphone records were never checked.

4. Didn’t bother to check the trash bin that the victim said the attackers hit behind while they waited for him.

5. Failed to dust for fingerprints.

According to the mayor, “the type of police work that was done in this case was very insufficient, ” adding that in his opinion, Orlando Matthews, the homicide detective assigned to the case, “did a very poor job.”

Landrieu was also unhappy with the work by other police officers on the night of shooting. “They could have and should have done a better job of securing the scene and then assessing whether or not anyone else was there,” he said, noting that the trial testimony revealed that no one collected blood samples or dusted for fingerprints. “It was not handled well,” he said flatly.

Landrieu also said that if the police had done a better job, some of those jurors may have made another decision. This is pretty damning stuff. The police really didn’t do much at the scene, did they? What exactly did they do that night at this crime location?

The major was critical of the length of the trial. He said the whole thing should have lasted day and a half, instead of the three days it actually took. “We could start earlier and we could take less time for lunch and still get done everything we need to get done and have trials like that go faster, which will speed up the administration of justice in that building.”

Landrieu had some praise for the attorneys on both sides- for the defense, Sheila Myers and her young associates from the Tulane Law Clinic and for the government, prosecutors Charlie Wall and George Hesni.

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