Key Danziger Cop gets 4 Years!!

Michael Lohman

Michael Lohman

Michael Lohman received 4 years for his role in the plot to cover up deadly police shootings on a New Orleans bridge after Hurricane Katrina. Lohman was the key turned cop whose testimony led to numerous other convictions. He lobbied hard as did the prosecutor for a reduced sentence, and he got 1 year off for his trouble, since 5 years was the number being tossed around.  He did real wrong, and received 4 years for his illegal actions.

He will probably have to be in isolation to some degree since he elected to “sing” to the authorities, and would therefore be unpopular in the general jail population. Ratting out your buddies doesn’t earn you points behind bars.  He’s a hero to many for peeling back the cover up, providing closure to the grieving families, etc.

Lohman had faced a maximum of five years in prison when U.S. District Judge Ivan Lemelle sentenced him for pleading guilty last year to  conspiring to obstruct justice.

Prosecutors had urged Lemelle to impose a five-year sentence but suspend three of those years so Lohman is released after serving two.

Lohman is one of five former officers who pleaded guilty to  participating in a plot to make it appear police were justified in shooting six  people, killing two, on the Danziger Bridge less than a week after the 2005 storm struck New Orleans.

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