NOLA NOPD are Leaving the Job by the Dozen!!

Sometimes they are forced out by circumstance, sometimes by the Chief, by their conscience, sometimes by the state, or feds, etc. Nevertheless, they are being forced out in record numbers, while new cops are being sworn in at an alarmingly slower rate.

The TP did a three quarter page spread of mug shots, etc. of NOLA NOPD that have left the force in the last year. One cop leaves every ten days, according to the TP’s count.

Here’s a few of the numerous reasons these NOPD Officers left the force: 1. threatened man at gas station 2. payroll fraud 3. private detail fraud 4. attempted rape and kidnapping 5. DWI, spitting in officer’s face 6. failure to report for duty 7.

Moral is a very important factor, it’s the lifeblood of any organization. When it falls to extremely low levels, it’s not very good for the organization or the public they serve. I cannot see how NOPD’s moral wouldn’t be in the crapper, considering how many cops have been on trial, gone to jail, or been forced out of their jobs for behavior unbecoming a New Orleans Police Officer.

Add to this the sad state of affairs in 0f violence in New Orleans.  On Halloween, 14 people were wounded and 2 were shot dead in New Orleans.  I don’t think anyone could say the city is getting safer at this time. Both the Mayor and Police Chief have spoken out about all the Halloween violence.  They both say  a “culture of violence” has infected New Orleans.

Halloween in New Orleans

Halloween in New Orleans

Tourism takes a big hit when the shootings occur in the French Quarter, and this time that’s exactly what happened.

~ by neworleansmusicman on November 1, 2011.

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