Telly Hankton Ties Suspected in Revenge Killing!!

That must have been some meeting our D.A. held yesterday- Representatives from NOPD, U.S. Attorney’s office, FBI, ATF, D.A.’s office, and the Sheriff ‘s office were all present. Why were all these law enforcement agencies present? A likely revenge killing!! Just because Telly Hankton was convicted of murder and locked up for life doesn’t mean his reign of terror is over, because the murdered man, Curtis Matthews, is the brother of John Matthews, a major witness against Telly Hankton in his murder trials.

Law enforcement sources have stated that they suspect the murder was another act of revenge for John Matthews’ testimony in the retrial that ended with Hankton being convicted of second-degree murder.

NOPD Spokesman Garry Flot said police recovered a surveillance video from outside the Jazz Daiquiris Lounge in the 3400 block of Claiborne Avenue. This is the location that Hankton shot and killed Darnell Stewart and is the crime John Matthews witnessed and testified about. Prosecutors claim a cousin of Hankton’s, Thomas Hankton, shot at John Matthews to intimidate him.

Jazz Daiquiris Shop on Claiborne Avenue

Jazz Daiquiris Shop on Claiborne Avenue

A witness to another murder that prosecutors claim Telly Hankton committed in 2009, of Jessie “TuTu” Reed, was murdered three weeks after the Stewart killing with the identical weapons, according to police. In court filings, prosecutors¬† state Terry Hankton ordered the hit from jail.

Ultra bad guy Telly Hankton, convicted murderer

Telly Hankton, convicted murderer

Prosecutors also claim that two women lied on the witness stand during the first Hankton trial in July, giving him a false alibi that likely influenced the jury to deadlock in the case. Both women have been indicted in an alleged perjury scheme, and Danielle Hampton has allegedly confessed.

Prosecutors claim Hankton killed both Stewart and Reed in retaliation for the December 2007 murder of his cousin, George “Cup” Hankton, in Gert Town. Police discovered Reed on Terpsichore Street, shot 50 times while Hankton was out on $1 million bail in Stewart’s killing. Edward Allen, Hankton’s alleged cohort in Reed’s murder, is scheduled to go on trial Monday for the murder.

Andre Hankton, Cup Hankton’s brother, is slated for trial in January for allegedly smashing Stewart with a Ford Mustang before Telly Hankton started shooting.

Here’s the Cannizzaro statement concerning witness and family protection services his office provides, and boy does he drop the ball here!

“I do not know of a single agency in the country tasked with ensuring the safety of witnesses that provides services and/or security to an out-of-state resident who is an extended family member of a witness, as was the case with Curtis Matthews.”

It’s easy as pie to take that statement apart!

1. Curtis Matthews wasn’t an out-of-state resident, he was residing in New Orleans since last year.

2. Extended family member? That’s John Matthews’ brother, not cousin, nor niece, uncle, aunt, etc.

So what type of baloney is Cannizzaro sprouting here? Rotten baloney, if you ask me.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu condemned the killing, calling it “a continuation of the kind of street violence and street retaliation that we have seen for a very, very long period of time.”

~ by neworleansmusicman on October 19, 2011.

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