California and Dutch Weed Stories With National Importance

A couple of big weed stories broke very recently that have a big impact on both California policy and national opinion.  Government tightening up a bit is probably a very good thing since the misnomer medical mary jane in many cases a front for big corporate entities.

Legalize Marijuana

Legalize Marijuana

1. Pot calms down a lot of folks and has for a long time. Legit medical uses, for a very nervous and uptight society, is only a good thing in moderation so we hope the Feds don’t overdue their new policy which runs smack dab into California Law, which allows these ‘ pot shops’ to operate. We advocate ending the multi-million dollar operations that are fronts for selling weed.

2. Next big story concerns Dutch officials realizing that sensimilla versions have grown stronger over the years, and much sold today in Holland has THC levels over 15 percent.  Since this is much more powerful weed, they have classified this uber pot as hard drugs. This is just the latest step in the country’s ongoing reversal of its famed tolerance policies.

The Trimbos Institute says the average amount of THC in Dutch marijuana is currently around 17.8 percent. It has been declining since 2004 after increasing steadily from 4 percent or so in the 1970s.

Possession of marijuana is technically illegal in the Netherlands, but police do not prosecute people for possession of small amounts, and it is sold openly in designated cafes. Growers are routinely prosecuted if caught.

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~ by neworleansmusicman on October 16, 2011.

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