Indigent Defender Attorneys Sue New Orleans Jail!!

Sheriff Marlin Gusman

Sheriff Marlin Gusman

Marlin, Marlin, Marlin!  How you can misbehave!!

The lawsuit alleges that the jail makes it just about impossible for attorneys to meet privately with their clients. This violates the U.S. Constitution right to counsel and the Louisiana code of criminal procedure.

Once again, Marlin, Marlin, Marlin!!

Infamous HOD, OPP, Orleans Parish

House of Detention, Orleans Parish Prison

Due to “unpredictable and unreasonable wait times and restricted visitation hours,” indigent defender attorneys must often wait hours at jail to see their clients. This wastes many hours of valuable attorney time and hurts their clients badly.

In reality, public defenders are horribly overworked with huge caseloads.

The suit was filed by a great man, retired Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Pascal Calogero. Bless this wonderful person for getting involved in another Gusman mess.  This is important, as indigent inmates need our best legal representation, not the worst.

Pascal Calogero receiving another award

Pascal Calogero receiving another award

Lawyers and jailed clients speak loudly on jail telephones or yell through partitions of thick, squalid plexiglass. This takes place within earshot of a roomful of people. This is wrong, wrong.

In response, Gusman’s people play the Katrina card, even though FEMA has thrown a ton of money at his operation. He’s waiting for his $145 million, four story jail is completed in 2014.

I don’t understand his motivation for hurting the citywide effort to improve jail conditions. It wouldn’t cost him much at all to schedule longer hours for meetings for example. Giving proper privacy to these meetings wouldn’t cost him much either.

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