Mushroom reports improved sales on 3.5!

Didn’t take long for business to pick up when the new, improved 3.5 hits the shelves.  Word of mouth on the college campuses around the Mushroom (Tulane, Loyola) spreads like wildfire. I know my blog spreads the word, but better stuff spreads the word like no body’s business. Today, when I stopped by the Mushroom around 11:30 am, there was a line of 5 folks, and 2 were from out of town- Folsom and Gulfport- picking up supplies for the weekend. 3 customers were local, buying CDs & dvds, a pipe, T-shirt  and 3.5.




Bayou Blaster Redoux 3.5

Demon Ritual 3.5

Demon Ritual 3.5

~ by neworleansmusicman on October 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Mushroom reports improved sales on 3.5!”

  1. Thanks for all the updates. Looks like Dascents, LLC has finally got it down! The first couple shipments that came into MO after the Aug 28 statewide ban-which was so vague it technically outlawed chocolate and peanut butter-left much to be desired. However over the last few days a noticeable and satisfying change has become apparent in the 3.5. Glad Dascents is ahead of the 8ball once again! Ordered a 30g bear of BBR for 225 straight from QDD yesterday to avoid the 15/g retail whack over the head. Unfortunately since they are still putting the finishing touches on the move the only method of payment is COD which isn’t anything to cry about, but not quite as convenient as paying up front with a card. I will report back after the product comes in to confirm that the 3.5 is still all that I thought it was by the sample I picked up from my local heady.

  2. the blaster redoux is definately on point. tried yesterday and its very similar to pre-ban blends. as a matter of fact… i still have a bowl left. good day

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