Bayou Blaster Redoux 3.5 Being Sold at Mushroom!

News abounds!! has moved to Tampa, not San Antonio, as previously reported but not a realistic move since San Antonio is part of Texas, and moving from Austin wouldn’t accomplish much except a big moving bill.

They just completed the move in the last few weeks, and the timing of 3.5’s release coincides with the move.  I spoke to the Mushroom today and the person in the know said they waited to release 3.5 because of branding issues, which I think is an issue, just not the whole reason. Apparently 3.5 has been ready for a month or so.  Redoux means spell of warmer weather in French.

Fake Pot 3.5

Bayou Blaster Redoux

Sales are very good for 3.3 and 3.4 in Texas, but not so good at the Mushroom. New Orleanians are a very discerning bunch, I guess.  The store isn’t in the know concerning which is understandable.  They are busy people.

Apparently Texas likes average but long lasting stuff. I’d sum up their governor that way, and that’s being generous.  I personally think the country doesn’t want anyone from Texas in the presidency again quite yet. He cannot overcome his accent, so he’s toast.

There is more than one variety of 3.5 being sold at the Mushroom. Bayou Blaster Redoux was recommended to me, so that’s the one I purchased. Demon Ritual, also 3.5, was being sold as well. Variety may be the spice of life!!

How much fun is this? The wild, wacky world of chemistry never stops experimenting, they experiment for the money of course, but the pure love of the unknown is way under their skin and it’s the driving force of the creativity. The notoriety in the scientific subset they exist in floats their boats.

I’m told this totally organic sachet, devoid of any cannabinoids, but built on a copycat molecule instead, is way stronger than any four 3.0s released so far. I have to wait and see how my audience likes it, but I am confident its the strongest product since 2 was banned by the LA Legislature.

Demon Ritual Potpourri Demon Ritual Organic Sachet

~ by neworleansmusicman on September 28, 2011.

4 Responses to “Bayou Blaster Redoux 3.5 Being Sold at Mushroom!”

  1. Now these are a step in the right direction. Sampled both today and am very pleased. Now they aren’t mindblowing, but they do the trick.

    Just wanted to also say that I’m very appreciative what you are doing here and wanted to thank you for keeping us informed on this issue.

  2. sampled the bayou blaster redoux last night, and again just now. by far, hands down best post-pan blend ive come across. DEFINATELY does the TRICK

  3. I can’t find a website to let me buy bayou redux. Can you please help me find a site or sell me some. I live in pa and can’t buy it here.
    Jamie cox

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