Botanical Sachet 3.3 Seems to be it for Now

New Dimension Green Organic Revolution

New Dimension Green Organic Revolution moved out of Austin and are apparently now they are in San Antonio as their web site lists 2 San Antonio phone numbers and one NOLA number. No idea why they moved, but I’ll be able to find out when I get a chance.

Yes, 3.4 is out, but 3.3 is doing the heavy lifting at the Mushroom. It’s been that way since the two were released a couple of months ago. I did hear that the chemists had nailed down another polymer that would equal the historic 1 and 2 versions, but that doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. Not to say it won’t show up further down the road. The Mushroom management is nothing if they aren’t determined to provide the top products for the market.

A survey of convenience stores in the area that sold lots of fake pot in the past have nothing on the shelves at this time. The Mushroom has elected not to dilute their sales, plus these vendors often went around when possible, and sold a lot of crappy substitutes that were rip off quality, as well as some decent alternatives to They got this stuff at a cheaper price than was offering.

Most folks smoking 3.3 have reported it works to a point, and it seems to work for a longer period of time for some. 2 is being sold online as Botanical Potpourri, while 3 is being sold as Organic Sachets. You have to love the names.

~ by neworleansmusicman on September 25, 2011.

3 Responses to “Botanical Sachet 3.3 Seems to be it for Now”

  1. What about the speed pills and speed drinks that are readilly available.Alcohol that is legal and the courts make how much off the irrasponsible,killing innoscent people daily..It is so readily available every where I live and it dont take much for people too get stupid on that.people that dont even need perscriptions obtain and make it hard for those that truelly need them.Pot has always been an herb its side affects are by far innocent and dont kill.We could come out of our deficate if it were atleast decriminalised like many in the us.I myself don’t use most of whats been wrote about here but do suffer medically from a work injury and am appolled at the abuse of things needed. I have seen the side effects of many and by far Pot dont kill.It says in Gen 1:29-30 and God said,behold ,I have given you every herb bearing seed,which is upon the face of all the earth,and every tree,in the which is the fruit of the tree yeilding seed;to you it shall be of meat.and too every beast of the earth,and to every foul of the air,and every thing that creepeth upon the earth ,where in there is life,I have givin every green herb for meat:and it was so.I’m not for drugs or alcohol unless your one that likes to sit n have a drink or two with a meal or after a hard days work so I believe id feel the same about a smoke if thats your thing,I myself get high on the spirit;that is my lord and savior that too has been taken out of so much.Whats the world coming to an end I hope so there will be no more wicked,only those left behind too perish.

    • Hey Patricia,
      Thanks for the input, this is quite the detailed comment! I’ve never touched a speed pill or speed drink, they just don’t appeal to me. Alcohol will be legal forever because it predates prehistoric man, birds got drunk on spoiled berries. That’s the unfair world we live in, so don’t spill your drink about this, go with the flow here. I live in New Orleans which is the drinking capital of the world, which is a lot of beer and booze going down!
      The bible isn’t quite right here as there are poisonous herbs. The bible is the mightiest book in the world but it isn’t literal every word. There are much older versions than the one you or I read and I read the Old Testament.
      Pot doesn’t kill but does it slow you down? It depends on your individual constituency. I’m not anti-pot or fake pot if a serious player puts out the fake stuff. It’s safer than booze and most prescription abuse, meth, etc.
      Good luck and the world isn’t ending now due to an Apocalypse, maybe later but not now. The world is suffering a slow, slow death and there’s time to turn it around.

  2. I agree, n thanx for ure comments,on a different note glad everyone is overcoming or overcame the devestation there,God bless and prayers from all around to all that goes threw those kinds and natural disasters.Still awaiting the day for decriminalization,I dont use anything; the speed pills drink or legal/illegal either but was upset when my friends couldn’t get the legal potpourri to chill out too.

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