Cops and Phony Cops Going to the Pokey Daily!!

Raymond Robair

Raymond Robair

The paper is rife with bad cops and one phony cop going to jail, just today 2 cops were sentenced in a fatal kicking and beating (?!!) 6 years ago on a Treme Street and working with his partner to cover up such a depraved event!!

Raymond Robair, 48, a Treme handy man, suffered a lacerated spleen during the kicking and beating he took on July 30, 2005. Get this bullshit coverup- cops dropped him off at Charity stating he had been found beneath a bridge, and had overdosed! Another depraved act before Katrina! What’s their excuse?’

Lashonda Saulsberry and her grandmother Marie Robair say Raymond was beaten to death by NOPD. Raymond Robair was Lashonda’s father and Marie’s son.

21 years was the sentence for Melvin Williams, former NOPD police officer, and 5 years for newbie cop Matthew Moore, only on the force 2 months and obviously didn’t know right from wrong from the get go.

I do hate to report these heinous crimes, and I love to. They need to attain the brightest light of day!! Slaughtered victims need a huge voice since their voice has been silenced in a particular devilish way, as nefarious as you can dream of.

~ by neworleansmusicman on September 17, 2011.

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