Betty Jefferson vs Mark St Pierre

Mark St Pierre smiling big

Mark St Pierre smiling big

And the winner is… Betty Jefferson by a landslide!  Her cooperation with Jim Letten and Mark’s non cooperation shows just how far cooperation goes. She got 15 months of house arrest, and he received 17.5 years jail time. For guys like Mark, cutting a deal with Letten probably goes against his grain big time, hence he didn’t. Betty showed her street smarts, and cut as big a deal as possible, her sick sick family helped her also.

Mark’s mother recently received a diagnosis of breast cancer. I wish her the best and a speedy recovery.  His dad Ray St. Pierre, a prominent former high school football coach and longtime member of the Jefferson Parish School Board is a very good man who obviously believed his son wasn’t guilty of anything criminal.

I guess if you feel you are innocent, taking a deal is very tough. It means you are telling the Court you are guilty and living with it forever.

If you are guilty, taking a deal is easy- it’s your only chance to cooperate and reduce your sentence. Betty’s very sad family situation with all the illness helped her also. I hope the best for her family and hope Betty can eventually resume her life.

The trial wasn’t very smooth sailing for Mark. Lurid details came out about biweekly strippers and poker games St. Pierre provided using the taxpayer money he made at City Hall. He had to admit hiring strippers to come to his yacht and go behind closed doors with him, Greg Meffert and others who worked in Nagin’s tech office. He flashed anger on the stand as prosecutors used his own emails and legal correspondence to catch him in lies. If you lie on the stand, you don’t look good to anyone. Telling the truth when sworn in especially is the only alternative. To be caught lying repeatedly on the stand is extremely pitiful.

Nagin & Meffert yucking it up!

Nagin & Meffert yucking it up!

Betty Jefferson vs Mark St Pierre

Betty Jefferson vs Mark St Pierre

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