Betty Jefferson Avoids Prison, Receives House Arrest and Probation!!

Betty & Angela Coleman

Betty Jefferson & Angela Coleman

She was ordered by U.S. District Judge Ivan Lemelle to pay restitution in the amount of $604,581 to the state and pay $91,597 to the IRS. She gave the title to her ill gotten 936  Jackson St. home to the feds. 15 months of house arrest with that ‘special’ ankle bracelet plus 5 years probation will be her sentence.  I guess she’s been neutered politically by the process and family problems and isn’t a threat to the public good, public feed trough or anyone for that matter. Good luck and God bless with that.

Like the rest of the family, her lawyers at this point are working for free. They have been paid handsomely, each and everyone of them. The press from the trials has been priceless. Once you have paid your hundreds of thousands dollars to your lawyers you are good to go for the next hundreds of thousands dollars of fees through the endless appeals process. The attorneys have to show the court that they won’t abandon their client just because the well has gone dead dry.

Betty’s family life remains very difficult, and that’s very tough when added to her criminal problems.  Her daughter Angela Coleman is very sick and Betty is her sole caretaker. Jefferson also handles all day to day responsibilities for Coleman’s 8 year old daughter as well as her ailing mother. This is one reason she’s not going to the pokey.  The other big reason- she’s  stepped up to take care of 3 generations of very ailing family. Her daughter Tawanda is working 2 jobs to support the family.

Jefferson is the third member of the once very powerful political cabal to be sentenced for federal crimes. I think the phrase How the Mighty Have Fallen! comes to mind.

Mose Jefferson, her brother, died in prison serving a 10 year term for bribery; her brother William Jefferson (my former representative!) remains free while he appeals his 13 year sentence for soliciting bribes in connection with business deals in Africa.

Mose looking worried and alive

Mose looking worried and alive

Last year, Betty and her daughter pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and aggravated identity theft, acknowledging they were ringleaders of the charity ripoff. She also admitted she deposited checks from her 4th District assessor job into her own account.

Bill Jefferson looking dumbfounded

Bill Jefferson looking dumbfounded

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