Botanical Sachet Time!!

White Rabbit Botanical Sachet

White Rabbit Botanical Sachet

3/27/11 update- I visited a convenience store uptown that has sold 1. and 2., and they still have no 3.

This is a potpourri story, but the new name at the Mushroom NOLA is botanical sachet. It’s a nice new name, with a nice sound to it, but it’s the 3.3 story that’s gaining more strength. The Mushroom is selling a lot more 3.3 than 3.4, which has been in the shop a for a few weeks. The 3.3 is the New Dimension Green Organic Revolution. I suppose the Revolution tag refers to the Organic claim made in the name. 3.4 is the White Rabbit stuff.

As far as I can tell, convenience stores aren’t selling anything at this time. I  haven’t been to any head shops besides the Mushroom NOLA, but I hope to in the near future.

Word of mouth around the Mushroom’s college location is building business like wildfire.  I called the folks in Houston who run operation. Very nice folks indeed. They confirmed how expensive the search for 3.? was.  In the end, chemistry won out as expected.

~ by neworleansmusicman on August 26, 2011.

13 Responses to “Botanical Sachet Time!!”

  1. Both Intergalactic White Rabbit and New Dimension Green Revolution are sold in Shreverport, Louisiana. Both are pretty ineffective as pot supplements. Green Revolution is a bit better then White Rabbit. There is actually something there, but not much. But it feels, smells and stays longer.

  2. Is the picture of the white rabbit the 3.4 one? I just got a White Rabbit from Herb and the packet was not clear with the sticker on it, but instead the design takes up the whole packet, both front and back, and is printed on it. I’m thinking I got a different version.

  3. Amsterdam Attic is the way to go. I get it in Hammond louisiana

  4. where can i get da new dimension at in new orleans

  5. white rabbit really gets you their way more then thing legal they recently changed the way they were mking it no bull its blowing new d out the water

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