Marlon Defillo Gets Blasted by State Police Report

Marlon Defillo appearing pensive

Marlon Defillo appearing pensive

I sort of blasted him myself in an earlier post, but I do feel for the man. Forget about Oliver Thomas, this guy seemed to be the real deal for decades, both in person and on TV. Since he was so high up in NOPD’s Command, the State Police ran the investigation. Apparently Marlon made the kind of mistakes which makes the investigation veer off into NOPD needs new rules and regulations to cover the big gaps in policy that Marlon tried to fit his rationale into.

Rafael Goyeneche of the Metropolitan Crime Commission was asked his opinion about the state investigation and he came on pretty strong that Marlon goofed up badly.

So Marlon walked the Blue Line so badly he was bound to get caught; writing only witness reports and no police statement reports was brazenly dumb a police move, especially for a police commander.

According to the report, the former New Orleans Police assistant superintendent lacked good judgment and maturity and may have lied.

That’s the verdict of a Louisiana State Police investigation into Marlon Defillo’s handling of the post-Hurricane Katrina police shooting and burning of a man’s body.

The report of the investigation, released Wednesday, says suggested that Defillo may have been lying about to his failure to examine charges that police fatally shot and burned Henry Glover and covered up the crimes.

Defillo retired shortly after state police sent their report to the police department, but just before he was to be disciplined for neglect of duty.

~ by neworleansmusicman on August 25, 2011.

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