Inmate Suicide in NOLA Jail Raises Calls for Federal Oversight!!

Inmate's hands on OPP bars

Inmate's hands on OPP bars

Marlin Gusman

Marlin Gusman

This isn’t good at all. What is going on in Guzman’s fiefdom? The Federal Department of Justice issued a super critical report that stressed the poor job Orleans Parish Prison staff were doing preventing inmate suicides. So what happens again? A Coast Guard employee offs himself swallowing toilet paper! Double triple YIKES!!

Federal deputy marshals last week placed at the jail a Coast Guard employee who was avowedly suicidal after he tried to wrest a gun from a security officer outside the federal courthouse in New Orleans. The inmate, 48-year-old William Goetzee, successfully killed himself on the jail’s psychiatric tier six days later, on Sunday, by swallowing enough toilet paper that it cut off his air supply.

Sheriff Marlin Gusman blamed the suicide on a lax deputy who left a post watching Goetzee for an unspecified period of time. That deputy, a 10-year veteran of the agency whom Gusman has not named, has been suspended.

In a Friday interview , Gusman said as jail officials conduct an investigation into Goetzee’s death, they have been consulting with the Orleans Parish district attorney’s office about possible charges.

OPP critics  said the death underscores the urgency of wrapping up a federal investigation that began in 2008 and – at least publicly – appears to have stalled. I certainly think this needless death of a federal employee might bring this investigation back with a roar.  Maybe this will tame Marlin  Gusman a bit. I certainly hope so! They should have a camera on the suicide watch inmates as well as eyes on watching. He’s already got a zillion cameras, doesn’t he?

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