Organic Potpourri 3.3 Reassessed!!

New Dimension Green Organic Revolution

New Dimension Green Organic Revolution

I blasted the quality of 3.3 a few posts ago, but reports are coming in from all over telling me over and over that 3.3 works! No joke, the stuff without any pot molecules of any type or variety has some uplifting and staying powers.  The lasting quality is very endearing, as 3.1 and 3.2 were effective, but didn’t last very long.  The effects apparently are very enjoyable.

This particular package shown above is sold by the Mushroom NOLA, a reliable supplier of Organic Potpourri since 3.1.

This is an interesting development that took me by surprise completely, and here I am, a purported Organic Potpourri expert! People come to me for advice on this fast developing industry and I’ve been handing out bad advice since 3.3 was released. Live and learn.

~ by neworleansmusicman on August 12, 2011.

7 Responses to “Organic Potpourri 3.3 Reassessed!!”

  1. Nope. It didn’t work. I saw this after I bought some and bedded to clean out. This tastes better than other blends I tried when I was dry. But unlike the others, this doesn’t work.

    Don’t waste your cash

  2. I’m a bit curious if you’ve actually tried these products yourself? The trash that Dascents have on the market these days are bunk… bones about it. Please folks trust me.. Don’t EVER waste your cash on New Dimension/White Rabbit.

  3. It does take more, but the samples i tried, i can honestly say worked VERY well after 4-5 rips, with absolutely no paranoia feeling, and a VERY nice buzz. Oh the taste and aroma were very pleasant i thought.

  4. Only spend your money @ & on Blue Dream or its blue cloud” see a girl is hella high, Alwayz Mix W/ Weed——–THEY R MAKING IT ILLEGAL AFTER JAN> 1st, 2012

  5. They just banned all manufacturing of these herbs in Fla. I dint know about other states though.

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