Eviction Notice Boogaloo

Decided to follow a simple eviction filing in Monique Morial’s First City Court of New Orleans (Morial!! daughter of Dutch & Sybil Morial).  Getting out of Criminal Court tracking cleared my head big time.

Judge Monique Morial

Judge Monique Morial

It turns out, there was as much hijinks (I love triple dot words!) in the Courts of the City of New Orleans as in the Criminal or Traffic Courts. This is the work of Laura and Howard Russell. Google HR Properties if you want to see how lousy landlords operate in the Crescent City.

These Courts are on 421 Loyola Avenue, not Tulane and Broad, so if you head there first, you better call the phone number on the notice, because very helpful folks answered, and connected the delayed party to the Court Clerk, who held their place in Court even though they arrived late.

When the case was called very early, around 10:10 am, the landlord’s representative told the Judge that she didn’t have her receipt book, which would have proved her case immediately. Her Honor was surprised by this, as it turned the case into a he said, she said affair. The Judge then told the landlord’s unprepared rep to take a few minutes to call her boss and straighten out the matter. As time elapses, the peanut gallery (adjacent waiting room) has to be shushed a number of times by the Court Clerk. It’s getting loud!

Ninety minutes pass, and virtually all over cases are handled and finished. During this time the tenant and rep talk about a possible deal.  The landlord seems to going a bit crazy, letting her poor rep show up so unprepared. Morial really doesn’t like the landlord’s policy of large cash pick ups of rent, and suggests checks and money orders as a necessary alternative. Turns out this is an absentee landlord who spends most of the time in New Jersey. Good reason, their reputation in the Crescent City is in tatters, even WWL-TV did a expose of their real estate business.  Here’s a link to the story.

So a deal is sort of cut between the persons being evicted and the landlord’s rep. They cannot finalize the deal, as the family moving out wants a week to do so, and the rep says the landlord will give them only days. Then the rep shows the family some real kindness, and says the Friday deal is really Monday, since the Court is closed over the weekend, and the Civil Sheriff doesn’t evict on the weekend either.

So the deal is struck and Judge Morial agrees to it; she’s glad the deal is reached as both parties are happy with it.

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  1. Richard Webster from the T-P is looking for stories about bad landlords. Richard UNDERSCORE Webster AT Nola dot com

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