Botanical Sachet 3.3 Released!

3.3 New Dimension Green Organic Revolution

3.3 New Dimension Green Organic Revolution

I’m beginning to understand the content pattern of When they are formulating the product, it doesn’t look like itself, it looks and tastes different. As the product is refined, it begins to look more like that illegal stuff. At full strength, it appears to be potpourri shake.

New formulation in the ever changing Organic Sachet world, better than 3.2, and much better than 3.1, according to the clerk at the Mushroom tonight.

Mushroom NOLA logo

Mushroom NOLA logo

Tomorrow I’ll visit the Mushroom earlier in the day, when an employee with seniority can be plied a bit with questions about all things 3.3. I haven’t received any reports from the field here in NOLA about 3.3 yet, but they should be pouring in shortly.

~ by neworleansmusicman on August 6, 2011.

9 Responses to “Botanical Sachet 3.3 Released!”

  1. As far as the current iteration of “potpourri” that Dascents currently have available in the state of Louisiana, namely White Rabbit and New Dimension, I suggest waiting a bit longer. I picked up these two this morning @ my local tobacco shop, and as far as a smoking blend, they are unequivocally worthless. Not even worth the packaging the products come in.

  2. I really hope that they come up with a formula that works and soon, Ill keep checking back. Its really sad that we still have drive thru Daiquiri yet this is illegal.

    With the pot laws so strict here, I really don’t want to risk buying real pot.

    I really like Louisiana and New Orleans but stuff like this really makes me sick of our local government.

  3. It’s sad that people who like to smoke a bit of herb have to go through this. I’ve spent more time/energy/money on synthetics in the past 3 years than I would’ve if I just scored and sat @ the house. And why?? So I didn’t have to look over my shoulder? So I didn’t stand the chance of getting locked up amongst a gang of violent felons? God forbid someone smokes some pot man…..for real

  4. the green organic regular is one of the best tasting ive had since super nova.. Im currently looking for a new job so Im trying my best to keep my system clean. But the prices of the synthetics are inconsistant and stupid high at times, not to metion sometimes the stuff dose nothing at all !!!.. im not sure if some people are selling bad synthetic herb just for profit or the makers get sloppy with diffrent batches. anyways its way too confusing and fustrating.. 15$ to 18$ for one gram is outragouse!!!

  5. Has anyone came up with a drug test for the new formula? I’m worried about a pee test i have to take, will the new formula show up?

  6. I’m on probation! I get drug test this month on the 20th. I’m worried that i well not pass this pee test. Well this New Dimension stuff show up?

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