Just like the late, great Amy Winehouse tune that broke the huge talent worldwide, They tried to get me to go to  Rehab, I Said No, No, No!! Check out her live on Letterman, making her American debut, a long way from dead-  video

Winehouse on Cover of RS

Winehouse on Cover of RS

120 nonviolent offenders in Angola will get mentoring and job training by other long term lifers- carpentry, auto mechanics, etc. After a life in prison,  it’s not hard to influence young convicts with a few very key words- You don’t want to end up like me! This is really big, because Angola isn’t thought of very positively in terms of rehabilitation.

To date, 40 have entered, some have graduated and are working here in NOLA!!! They remain in touch with their mentors, and have a solid support system in place before they ever leave Angola. There are a number of good reasons this program may show legs. It costs almost nothing, since the ‘mentors’ are all ‘lifers’. How cheap is that?

These men make next to nothing when they perform labor. We’re talking pennies on the day!! How do you convince, over time, hardcore urban criminals that there is an alternative to gang banging? Take a long look around at all the old men who have been there virtually their entire adult lives.

Like what? Angola is taking to heart all the bad press and articles worldwide that have been published throughout the decades? They care enough in 2011 to end the endless repeat offender patterns that pinpoint the failure rate? The old lifers tell the young punks to pull up those pants, stop all the cursing, and get their lives together before they end up dead or part of the state’s recidivism problem.

~ by neworleansmusicman on July 28, 2011.

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