Defillo Retires “With His Head High” After Giving His Response

Marlon Defillo

Marlon Defillo

I guess he had to, but giving a rebuttal to a disciplinary hearing is a two edged sword. You could end looking more guilty than before the hearing. The Glover case is considered very shocking and is highly ranked in terms of National Civil Rights Murders. I think of the word craven’ when I think about Glover’s body being burned after he was murdered.

In sum, Marlon feels he did everything he could after learning about the Glover case in 2008. He states that to this day, Glover’s death hasn’t been classified as a murder or homicide. However, let’s look at the evidence- one cop has been convicted in Federal Court of killing Glover and another of burning his body just this year.

So Marlon isn’t exactly speaking the total, unvarnished truth here, is he? Federal convictions speak volumes about the Glover death.

Eddie Compass, tainted former NOLA Police Chief from the Katrina era, was at the Difillo press conference. Asked to comment on events that led to Defillo’s retirement, Compass said he was there to support his friend. He also said something that makes perfect sense for Eddie to say, he’s learned in his retirement to be very guarded in his words. I guess so!!

Eddie Compass, former NOPD Chief during Katrina

Eddie Compass, former NOPD Chief during Katrina

Marlon’s rationale for his actions can be paraphrased this way. He did the best he could, and figured this was just another untrue, wild Katrina story. There were a million of these, and NOPD couldn’t pursue all of them. However, when it became obvious that the Glover case had traction, he had a change of heart, and is haunted by that even today.

It gets even murkier for Marlon. Holy Moly. When he found out in June 2008 about the Glover situation, it didn’t really register with him. In Feb 2009, William Tanner, whose car was used to burn Henry Clover, filed a NOPD complaint. Diffilo had a January 2009 phone conversation with Tanner. Marlon claimed that Tanner made no mention of Glover’s death, and was just interested in replacing his burned out car.  I suppose the conversation could have gone this way, but it smells fishy to me.


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