NOPD 2nd in Command Marlon Defillo Found to Have Neglected His Duty!!!

Marlon Defillo looking very sad

Marlon Defillo looking very sad

Marlon Defillo, the New Orleans Police Department’s No. 2 cop, has been found to have neglected his duty in investigating the suspicious death of Henry Glover, who was fatally shot and later burned by police in the days after Hurricane Katrina, officials announced Friday.

Henry Glover photo and his Mother

Henry Glover photo and Edna Glover, his Mother

I have my own Marlon experiences. When my son was younger, he went to Toys r Us for many weekends for their very cool Pokemon League. Marlon’s boys were young then too, and attended regularly. Many times the parent got together to chat about anything but Pokemon. We chatted it up with Marlon more than once. A regular guy to say the least at that time, he seemed at ease and content. As he moved into upper command positions, both me and the wife both felt we knew him a little, and liked what we experienced.

This makes me both angry and sad. Here’s a top cop we believed in, a man who stood the test of time as a real New Orleans leader, who instead turns out to be something else. Now he wasn’t a part of the dirty deed itself, but around 2008 he started working inside the cover-up. He didn’t shoot anyone without reason, and he didn’t burn anyone’s body in someone else’s car and dump it in New Orleans East.

This is the hardest blog entry ever!! I liked Marlon, and I cannot really get my head around what he did. His attempt to cover-up, in hindsight, was very, very clumsy. It was transparent for that matter. He’d hold a meeting about Glover, then fail to write the necessary report. Forgetting reports was not his style. You don’t advance to the #2 spot by neglecting to write a document. He was facing a disciplinary hearing for the Glover case, and he retired prior to that hearing.

The hearing did not go well for Marlon, and it’s good he retired, he faced oblivion if he stayed.  In fact, the handwriting was on the wall ever since his Grand Jury testimony was released to the public, so he made his bed and now he had no choice but to jump into it.

So Bless Marlon Defillo, a good family man, a good NOLA man, and a mostly good NOPD Commander who stumbled badly very late in his career backing the Code in Blue instead of Henry Glover. I will miss you.


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