Went by the Mushroom last night, and they were still selling 3.2. They were working on version 3, but apparently that was not going well.   Since all traces of slightly altered real pot molecules have been banned by the state, 3.0 is more trial and error than science.  In an attempt to find the perfect, legal high, the men behind the Mushroom have been searching far and wide. No luck yet, though some big bucks have been spent chasing that item down in the 5 figures range!!

Avoid 3.0 so far, it’s truly horrible!! I did hear if you have a beer or two first, 3.0 isn’t so bad.

I’ve written a lot about the botanical sachet world, because a lot of people smoke it. If you are Divergence, or any other program or job that requires a drug screen, this stuff doesn’t show up.  There were a lot of independent players putting out almost anything, which was sold in convenience stores all over town.  The Mushroom on Broadway uptown developed into the biggest local manufacturer by far. After 1.0 ended they moved their manufacturing operation to Texas, and hired a second chemist to launch 2.0.  Many folks consider the Mushroom’s stuff better and safer than most of the varieties out there.

July 15, 2011- Big developments in the botanical sachet business. By 11 pm last night, major player the Mushroom had removed all supplies of 2.0 an hour before their announced date of July 15. I talked with one of the few Mushroom employees in the know. He told me that even though 3.0 was in its 2nd version, it was still in development.’s New Dimension Green Organic Revolution and White Rabbit, both 3.0, are being sold in 1 and 3 gm packages.  Old brand names Bayou Blaster & Green Cobra, big sellers throughout 2.0,  are soon to return, with new formulations, but not until they are deemed strong enough to match the 2.0 versions.

Other key info picked up today- Where are the key sales for To my surprise, local regulars are! When 1.0 began, everyone and their mothers came by from all around town and beyond. That’s how strong the Tulane/uptown markets are, when you have the right products.  By the time 2.0 ended at the Mushroom, most of their clients were repeat locals. Of course, their web sites are strong sellers as well, and the online market extents way beyond New Orleans, Louisiana, the Gulf South, etc.

As soon as the Louisiana Legislature bans one version, the next is already being formulated.That ‘s big business at its best. Why wait to prepare for what’s coming? Prepare now, and you will be making money then.

Looking at the  label of the 1 gm free sample of  3.0, it states it contains no synthetic cannabinoid.

White Rabbit by Dascents

Fake Pot 3.0 Sample from Mushroom

White  Rabbit 1 gm sample bag back

White Rabbit 1 gm sample bag back

At the Mushroom on Broadway uptown, the personnel are selling Fake Pot 2.0 until their own July 15th date, while the bill passed by the Legislature and signed by Jindal, August 15, 2011 is the cut off date. Folks the staff  know at the oldest Head Shop in the Crescent City receive the 1 gram sample in 1 of several types, including White Rabbit.

Very interesting that the Mushroom, headquarters for one of the largest fake pot operation in the world, is closing down 2.0 one month before the legal deadline imposed by the new law.

Also interesting is their free sample program of 3.0 one week before their self imposed deadline for 2.0 sales in

It’s now July 11, four days before the Mushroom’s July 15 cut off date for sales of Fake Pot 2.0. They continue to stock and sell 2.0.  The day before 1.0 was banned, the Mushroom sold off their stock. They are open to midnight, so they sold their remaining until the store closed, then boxed up what was left and moved it to Texas, their Botanical Sachet  headquarters.

7/14, 7 pm- I’m going over to the Mushroom tonight to see what’s up with 2.0 and 3.0. My curiosity grows each as each hour passes. When I was last there, 3.0 occupied a front glass case, in small 1.0 gm bags.  The big volume was 2.0 on 7/11.

New Dimension Green Organic Revolution

New Dimension Green Organic Revolution

~ by neworleansmusicman on July 14, 2011.

28 Responses to “BOTANICAL SACHET 3.0 ERA ARRIVES!!!”

  1. great info. i have been working on a piece on the ‘herbal revolution.’
    this lil nugget of info, like what some new packaging are gonna look like is primo.
    posts like this can only enhance anything i might write in the future on the progression of ‘pot mk. 1-3’
    1.0 from europe, asia (?)
    2.0- the blowing up phase with 63,412 new people trying to make their own ‘blend,’ sell a coupla’ cases to some ignorant convenience stores and tobacco shops that really only sell TOBACCO, make a quick buck n run (with a few quality exceptions like daScents)
    3.0-it got so popular—someone in kansas got pissed off. well call the goddamned president! –“here comes the law, ma! go get yer shootin stick!” i can’t wait to see if we will ever need a 4.0, if people like DaScents keeps it all on the up and up.

    keep posting on pot 3.0!

  2. 3.0 doesnt do anything!!!!

  3. bob is mad upset at the fake industry 😦

  4. Just picked up a bag of the green organic revolution. Most certainly not as strong as 2.0 blends, but definitely works well.


  6. there is some 3.0 in st. louis

  7. White rabbit is a dud

  8. I recently got my hands on some free samples of, New Dimension Green Organic Revolution, Bayou Blaster Redoux, Demon Free Ritual Sachet, and White Rabbit, and my plan was to do 2 waterpipe hits of each. After my 4th hit i was felling really high, and after the 5th hit i had enough for a while, and it was a very nice buzz, with NO paranoia feeling, like with some of the AM series blends. I started about 6pm and by the end of the night i had tried all 4 samples, and man was i BAKED, with none of the paranoia you get/got with some of the old blends. Sure it’s not as potent as the old blends, but it will be a good seller, because it does work good, with no paranoia. Oh and I’m far from a newbie on this matter. So all in all i enjoyed my samples and will be looking into buying some in the future.

  9. where can you get it in louisiana?

  10. i hear you can ger aressted for smoking this stuff
    tru or false?

  11. So r they gonna b able to sell it at all in Louisiana?

    • Hey Steph,
      Thanks for commenting. At the moment, the answer is no. Just this past week, the date the LA Legislature set to ban the 3. era passed. The 1. and 2. eras were banned in 2011 and 2010. Will there be a 4. era? Probably so, since the demand from the market is so strong. That means the money is there for some creative souls to manufacture 4.when the chemists tell them they have the right formula.

    • Steph,
      I’ll write about it when I hear about it, so I hope you will keep reading this blog.
      Take care,
      watch opp

  12. Hey here in Illinois , they got rid of all the blaster,rabbit,new rev, etc. now we got herbalist Sanjay. And it’s good good!!

  13. Here in Illinois. All we have is the herbalist Sanjay. It’s a good blend. Not harsh. Just right. Peach flavored. Everything else jazz been. Banned. A few iraqies and Indians are still sellin the old. But there scared. Hahaa. Thanks guys. Sweet site!!

  14. So is it going 2 be legal in alabama

  15. But does anyone, anywhere know what the hell chemical, or whatever is in the 3s?

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