OK, he’s one tough Cajun, but we all knew that. He never begged, he never complained, he served his 8 years, and walked out a free man, like he said he would. Edwin is approaching 84 years old, and looks great!

He was guilty as sin of the crimes he was accused of, and maintains his innocence to this day. He’s got himself an even younger fiance than his last, she’s only 32, and very blond and beautiful. She met him while Edwin was serving his time. Her name is Trina Grimes Scott.

Edwin and his new fiance have a new beginning forming possibly as Reality TV Stars. He has a book available here.

Less than six months after his release from the Oakdale federal penitentiary, Edwards let it be known over the weekend that he has a new fiance and a potential new career in the works.

Edwards and Scott are working with Shaun Sanghani, an Alexandria native and Tulane graduate who, according to his website, also has produced a Travel Channel series called “Girls, Guns and Gators” and has several other projects in the works.


Edwin Edwards with fiance Trina Grimes Scott

Edwin Edwards with fiance Trina Grimes Scott

The fact that his son Stephen was convicted with his dad adds to the tragic aspects of his imprisonment.  That’s always a super sad event, when a dad takes his son into his criminal enterprise.  Stephen got out in 2007, so he’s been free for years.

Edwin Edwards in the Slammer

Edwin Edwards in the Slammer

Stephen Edwards

Stephen Edwards

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  1. I still remember back when the case was still in trial…The news went around to people asking (a) did he do it and (b) if he deserved to go to jail. The invariable response:

    a – “Yes, of course he did it”

    and b – “No, he shouldn’t have to go to jail”; this was accompanied, as often as not, by an odd stare as the interviewee was trying to puzzle out why Edwards would possibly need to be sent to prison. 🙂

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