Again, I say how graceful and tough the families, friends, Judge, Courtroom visitors, media/courtroom employees all are behaving, under the most extreme blockbuster pressure imaginable, after all these years. It’s my belief that in each year that passes with justice not served, a modicum of new pressure aggregates on all those with dirty hands, and a half modicum of new strength falls on the innocent.

Finally a dyed in the wool SupermanJim Letten–  surfaces, and without even quite understanding his huge pivotal role in the saving of New Orleans, he performs like no person with his title has in a million or more years.  He dusts off old evidence like CBS’ Cold Case, re-interviews everyone associated with the cases, puts saved evidence through new modern methodology, then interviews new folks involved in the cases but often ‘overlooked’ at the time. Voila, he turns a few key players- with Danziger, he turned five key players, who along with the surviving victims,  who recount the terrible tale blow by blow. You have new/old suspects  to interview and re-examine their stories.

Man of Steel

Clark Kent

JIm Letten talking after sentencing for Glover case

JIm Letten talking after sentencing for Glover case

~ by neworleansmusicman on July 10, 2011.

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