2.0 Era to End in Louisiana on August 15, 2011

Green Cobra by dascents.com

Green Cobra by dascents.com

Yesterday the LA legislature voted to ban those pesky bath oils and synthetic  varieties that slipped through the first ban in August 2010. The bill seems to be more all encompassing than the first ban. The new law is set to go into effect on August 15, 2011.

A bill to outlaw herbal incense products that produce a marijuana-like high when smoked is on its way to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s desk for a signature after the Senate approved it unanimously on Monday.

Speaking to a Mushroom employee by phone, who was very nice, she indicated the Mushroom is studying the ruling before announcing their new strategy.

Bayou Blaster from dascents.com
Stampede from dascents.com

Stampede from dascents.com

Bayou Blaster from dascents.com

House Bill 173 by Rep. Ricky Templet Jr., R-Gretna, would ban synthetic cannabinoids that are sold over-the-counter in convenience stores and head shops under brand names like “K2,” “Spice” and “Mojo.” Law enforcement officers told legislators that use of the products has been spreading rapidly in recent months, particularly among teens.

Senators voted 32-0 to approve the bill, which bans the production, use, manufacture or possession of the synthetic substance, and provides penalties similar to those for marijuana.

Red Bird Image

Red Bird Image

Serenity Now from nolacounterculture.com

Serenity Now from nolacounterculture.com

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7 Responses to “2.0 Era to End in Louisiana on August 15, 2011”

  1. I have been smoking this stuff for the last 3 years and I am perfectly fine. What the legislature is not looking at is a lot of these teenagers are abusing other control substances and mixing them. Taking this off the market is only going to turn teens to buying real weed off the streets like they were doing before the fake weed came out. There are far way more serious things the goverment needs to be worried about. There are homeless people that are hungry, children being abused, crime rate through the roof and no good jobs available. I don’t see Bobby Jindal rushing to fix those problems. It’s amazing how the government seem to over look the real problems to entertain bull crap and this is why the world is in such turmoil. The government and the governor needs to get it together and focus on real issues that need attention. Please believe taking synthic weed off the market is not going to stop teens from getting hold to other drugs. Just like it does not stop under age kids from getting alcohol and cigarettes. I wonder why aclohol has not been banned. How many teens have killed or have gotten killed due to uder age drinking, but no one is trying to pass a bill to take alcohol of the market. To me the wrong message is beening sent out to teens from the government. If you stop one controlled substance then you need to sop all of them. Whats wrong with this picture!!!

    • I agree with you. The Louisiana Legislature and Bobby Jindal obviously aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. They always pass laws they think will help them politically, but often hurt the people in actuality.

    • i agree with you 100% , ive smoked sythetic since it hit the market and never once did I have a bad reaction and im perfectly healthy . Bobby Jindal and the rest of the government who are against legalizing legal synthetic considering the economy could use the money to get us out of our crisis we have here in the states. You Governor Jindal have more to worry about then some synthetic weed, Alcohol kills people everday but its not gonna be banned because half your government probably drinks. Instead of our police worrying about all the home invasions going on they are harassing small business owner several companies have said the iberia parish police went into businesses and cleared the shelves and took every bit of money that company made for the day didn’t matter if they sold other items , the main thing is if this was illegal then why the police didn’t arrest anyone they just took the goods and money sounds like police are robbing these poor owners and getting away with breaking laws but thats ok for them to do that.

  2. they all think its out with the bad and in with the good…. cannibis is no more harmful than mullien or any other herb. legaize marijuana and you won’t have all these new drugs coming out your just gonna have to waste all ur tax dollars banning and trying to rid it of the community. an adult has responsibilities and you should be 21 or older to purchase things that may alter your mind.

  3. I would like to know what is in it that does produce the high. What? Packages say no k-18 so what is it?

    • There have been several generations of fake pot in Louisiana. Currently as sold at the Mushroom on Broadway uptown, they sell 3.4 and 3.5 in one and three gram packages under five or six brand names. What worked in versions 1 and 2, that was a derivative of the THC molecule. They spray this on some harmless natural herbs in whatever concentration they deem fit. For the current version 3, I cannot not tell you what’s sprayed on the same old herbs. It’s not a THC derivative anymore, that’s been banned.

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