Accuser Plans to Vacate Touro Bouligny Neighborhood!!

My guy talked with a close neighbor of his who works in a Federal Security position and therefore is rather trustworthy by nature. Since the whole neighborhood is aware of the case, my guy asked him his take on the case, and what he said was surprising. That the accuser disclosed to the neighborhood that he never planned to go to Court to testify against the former defendant is really hard to believe as he’s the fool who pointed out my guy’s house and car to the cops and described my guy as the perpetrator.

If he didn’t plan to go to Court, why didn’t he withdraw his identification, and end the entire mess? I guess because he wanted my guy and his family to continue to suffer, which they certainly did. Who is the this man, to make up such a horrible, terrible pack of lies? Or is he just an incompetent idiot, unaware of the huge damage he caused my guy and his family? Or is he an ordinary family man who made a big legal mistake, realized it, and decided not to go to court to perjure himself. I prefer to think of him as a smart guy who made an error one morning, didn’t know how to get out of it, so did the best he could to extricate himself by not going to court.

Why the Accuser and his wife think it is over continues to astound me. Just because the case ended doesn’t mean the mental anguish or lingering legal fees do. His 15 year old son was traumatized deeply twice when half dozen NOPD first then half dozen OPSO entered the house with their guns drawn looking for the Accused, who wasn’t present.

There’s more surprising information- the neighborhood accuser is selling his house!  When my guy asked the security guy about this, even more surprising info was tendered- The accuser is scared of the former defendant!  That’s a laugh! What does he have to be scared of? What harm has come to him or his family due to the defendant? None!! Who should be scared of whom?  The true victims here are the Accused and his family.

To give the Accuser the benefit of the doubt, he may have made a bad mistake on a freak early morning that snowballed into real trouble for his innocent neighbor.  Who really stole the lap top?  Who’s the heavy set female that supposedly accompanied the male who pilfered the laptop? Once again, the really big morale here is that my guy paid a lawyer to keep him free and when the unexpected trial occurred, he won it! Of course, truth and very strong witnesses were on his side. If you happened to have a PD, or Public Defender, you usually got 3 years hard time and 3 years active probation for the same state charge.

Here’s another truly unbelievable statement from the mouth of the neighborhood Security expert,” XXX is scared of you, that’s one of the reason’s he’s selling the property.” That strikes me as immensely ironic, as my guy has done the Accuser absolutely no harm whatsoever. That the Accuser is worried about the former defendant harming him isn’t so surprising, as he’s the one who claimed it was my guy who stole the laptop from Wilson (now Charter) School.

He’s also the guy who reported the the A.D.A. that the former defendant intimidated the Accuser which was also a bold faced lie, but prevented my guy from reaching a pre trial settlement with the A.D.A. So the truth is, my guy’s family has real reasons to be scared of his accuser. Look what he guy put him through! A real life experience of the negative type.

Last but not least, when the Court came around after my guys’ 6-0 acquittal to subpoena the Accuser for not showing up for the trial, he ducked the process server 5-6 times! That’s taking responsibility for your cowardly actions! The subpoena was finally served on him.

So good riddance to an unstable neighbor who harms his nice neighbors big time if he feels like it, then doesn’t fix it when he can, and then sabotages the D.A.’s case by planning not to go to Court, even when they are the key witness.

Faubourg Bouligny sign

Faubourg Bouligny sign

~ by neworleansmusicman on June 22, 2011.

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