It turns out the neighborhood accuser family has their collective head in the sand, like the proverbial ostrich, refusing to see whats actually happening around them- there are continuing repercussions to the ending of an event. They think it’s over, just because the event is over. That may be simplistic as a viewpoint.

Orleans Parish Jail Shot

Orleans Parish Jail Shot

What’s in an average criminal justice system case- an arrest on state charges, arraignment, felony charging, half dozen hearings, Diversion for 13 months, then trial by a jury of 6 peers leading to a unanimous acquittal. This particular case took well over 2 years, and the lawyer’s meter was running the whole time.

If can pay for your attorney and choose even reasonably well and don’t have a violent past, you won’t serve time regardless. If the case is notoriously weak yet the A.D.A. pursues it, you should still should get off or cut a deal for pleading to a misdemeanor charge.

Attorneys fees can run the gamut from lets say $5,000 to $20,000 for a felony theft case. The fee you pay doesn’t indicate how competent an attorney is, merely how well they sold their services to the desperate defendant who has no criminal record and had no idea what’s going on.

Paying those fees may still be going on for some time. It’s not over until those fees are recouped, if ever, let alone fully paid.

How about the entire event’s effect on the former defendant’s family, his wife and children? When 6 Orleans Criminal Sheriff’s Deputies burst into the house when the teenager was there alone, with their guns drawn, is that experience over for the teenager? It’s not over until the teenager feels better about those half dozen pistols in his face.

The wife may work for a major health care operation in town and was horrified by all the events as his man is a good family man with no criminal record.

Other fees include bail. Of the 3 times the former defendant was arrested, he required bail only once, the first time; the next 2 times, the Judge did the releasing.

black chain gang on railroad

black chain gang on railroad


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