150 Rule Explodes Past Jail Into Real World!!

The 150 Rule is pervasive in the Criminal Justice System because of the money trail. Key aspects of the system don’t receive much money. Without much  more funds, the system is doomed to continued failure. Imagine my amazement to find out that my Geico Claims Rep has 150 claims to follow, and her fellow Rep has more than 150.

Geico Caveman

Geico Caveman

I’m paying these people, and this his how they treat me? With 150+ clients like me to follow? It’s bad enough Indigent Defender; Probation & Parole; and Diversion have 150+ clients in the harsh public arena, but just how well does my Geico Rep handle my case with that many?

In fact, my Geico Rep does fairly well, and the third party Rep I spoke to yesterday did OK. From their point of view, the job is an endless series of claims, and that’s not much fun. Yet they were completely professional.

Geico Gecko

Geico Gecko

This shows how injured the entire system is, if the problem appears seamlessly across the public/jail system into the business world.

~ by neworleansmusicman on May 4, 2011.

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