Dear D.A. Cannizzaro 3

A third major factor that monopolizes a Judge’s day are defense attorneys. The quality of defense attorneys varies, of course. Suppose you have a defense attorney who never reads the case until very late in the game. Maybe the attorney has picked up other interesting/lucrative cases or the defendant has been slow to pay the attorney, leading to a loss of interest in the original case.

By not reading the case, he/she  fails to utilize a key witness that could exonerate the client quickly with no Diversion, no jury, no trial.  The attorney never interviews the witness, therefore doesn’t contact the prosecutor about this witness. The case proceeds fully, instead of ending quickly, thus the judge’s time is not being spent on more worthwhile cases, which would take actual criminals off the streets and unclog the already overcrowded judicial system.

So instead of moving onto cases with real merit, the weak case keeps rolling through the system, occupying everyone’s – sheriff’s deputies, court employees, attorneys, and judges- time. This seems to be a serious flaw in the system which strikes fear into all those innocent individuals who depend on legitimately just and speedy trials.

All the best,


D.A. Cannizzaro

D.A. Cannizzaro

~ by neworleansmusicman on March 30, 2011.

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