This blog is terribly critical of the NOLA Criminal Justice System for good reason. The system is in pretty horrible shape. Yesterday, however, was a different day.  The system performed perfectly. It was a thing of real beauty.  Sure, a few warts were evident at the trial, but overall it worked as advertised, a time honored tradition and our heritage.

The case I’m following had a successful conclusion after 2+ years of mistakes by the prosecution from A to Z.  That the system could shake off all the negatives and still come up with a unanimous  acquittal proves that, when the people get involved, they certainly knew right from wrong. This is such a huge affirming message to witness, it is a purifying sensation to see the truth shine through as it’s supposed to, and did.

Now instead of being a harbinger of bad news, this blog has come clean, into more an affirmation of the innate and awesome goodness of people. That the people won out in the end proved the humanity of man on a temporal level.  This says so much good stuff about New Orleans and its humanity, it was New Orleans citizens on that jury who dusted off the truth in spite of all the dirt attached to it.

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.

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