Stephen Gernhauser, Attorney At Law

Stephen Gernhauser

Stephen Gernhauser

What was the single best act attorney Steve pulled off in his victory, after 2+ years?

It’s a tie between getting the defendant out of  jail 2- 3 times and winning the trial. Introducing the obvious surprise witness the prosecution overlooked, the defendant’s wife, was a key move.  Steve surprised the entire Court with this witness, who was a very successful witness.  This single witness was the linchpin of the case, and secured the victory easily.

Where was the prosecution in terms of this witness? She was originally a suspect of the police, but no identifications meant no arrest for her. They never once talked to her, even though the defendant mentioned her repeatedly as his alibi. Over 2.5 years, including the trial, the prosecution never once talked to the defense’s main witness!!!

Was he the perfect attorney? No, but no one is.  Steve performed like a real winner, because he brought his A game to the trial, a better attorney attribute.

It was the obvious choice for a last minute bedrock witness and around for the entire 2+ years for the prosecution to interview but never was, another sure sign of ineptness of the prosecution.

He was true to the cause of 2+ years, which is a long time for a long distance attorney to hang in there.  At the end he came into Court with a full Court press, which was more than a match for the hapless prosecutor, who didn’t grasp key aspects of the case his was trying for whatever reason.

Steve was truly inspirational in his attacks on weak evidence, though in hindsight he didn’t need to play the attack role so eagerly.  The case hinged on the defense’s husband and wife team, who had only to plainly speak the truth, which was accepted by the jury. In the trenches, the truth never went away and was accepted above all by the panel of 6.  Steve  only had to present his 2 key witnesses and go home with the gold medal.

Fortunately, Steve had right on  his side, making his job a lot easier.  His full court press turned out to be overkill, along with the need for New Orleans juries to see some sort of physical evidence if you want to rely on faulty IDs for a trial.

Bernie Cyrus & Steve Gernhauser at SXSW

Bernie Cyrus & Steve Gernhauser at SXSW

There is a lot more to Steve Gernhauser than his legal prowess. As good as he was in court, he’s an even better slide guitarist, songwriter, and singer. That’s why his photos are with a guitar and at SXSW, Austin’s huge music convention. Steve’s a singer/songwriter at heart, his guitar, production and arrangement talents are icing on the cake.

I’ve been waiting for Steve to record his very first album. He’s got the material for several albums but he’s holding up for what? I’ve told him repeatedly, his legal career will never go to the next level until he gets his first record out. Steve believes me, but we’re still waiting.

One thing is for sure- he’s going to get out an album or two before long, I’m very confident of this. His talent will eventually break free.



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One Response to “Stephen Gernhauser, Attorney At Law”

  1. Hello Stephen!

    Wonders never cease with this internet and social media. Just met you and I know more about you than I do of people I’ve known much longer. Well done on your win in this case; I’m all for the underdog and a better justice system; both civil and criminal.
    Outstanding legal work and thank you for saving a life!

    See you soon,

    Andrea Zastawny

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