Phony Warrant/Drug Screen Lead to Arrest/Court Hijinks

True skulduggery in the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Diversion Department forced the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriffs to enforce a bad warrant based on phony documents, leading to the arrest of my guy Wednesday night. When Orleans Parish Criminal Court Judge Ben Willard learned of this bad warrant, he immediately released my guy from the House of Detention  Saturday night.

The Warrant was based on a controversial ‘failed’ drug screen that was taken, but passed.  That test was taken in December of 2009.  How that test went from good to bad remains an open question. In July 201o,  Diversion Counselor  dis-certified my guy from the Diversion Program and notified the District Attorney to resume prosecution of his case.  Next, a  phantom ‘subpoena’ was issued for a late July 2010 Court appearance to begin trial preparations.   My guy was picked up at his house at around 8 pm on Wednesday, August 25. Six Criminal Sheriff’s cruisers and one van surrounded his house, and knocked loudly on his door.  They  came in and announced that he had missed a fictional court appearance, and would have to  come with them.

He was taken downtown in handcuffs, and booked into the Receiving Tank, then into the 3rd floor of the old HOD, or House of Detention. He went to Court the next day, and appeared before Judge Willard around 10 am. The judge was disgusted to see my guy in triple shackles and the infamous OPP Neon Orange Jumpsuit. After a minutes perusal of his  file, he said this case has dragged on way too long. Motions were to be set in September. Then he said, “What do you have to say, sir?” My guy explained to the judge that he hadn’t received proper notice of the subpoena, and the judge said he’d look into this matter.

A disgusting event had occurred to my guy as he waited in the ‘Black Room’ adjoining Court. With his hands shackled to his sides, he attempted to relieve himself in the small bathroom next to Black Room. This attempt went phenomenally poorly. He did manage to pee, but also soiled his orange jumpsuit in the process rather substantially.  He didn’t think the Judge noticed because my guy spoke to the judge from behind a podium.

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.

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