Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Deputy Keelen

OPP Watch gives Deputy Keelen the highest grades for his HUMANITY, uplifting the morale of my guy’s communal cell with one blindingly unexpected act of kindness.

It was last weekend and the Saints were coming on TV for their third pre season game. The inmates had no TV, no books or paper, nothing to help them pass the time.  The guys in the In Crowd talked to a key Deputy, who agreed to take the small LCD TV from between the first and second cells, and put it between the third and second cells for the second half of the game.  That didn’t work, because of a bad connector on the TV so that TV had to return back where it had been previously.

The Deputy vanished. He returns 15 minutes later, lugging a heavy CRT TV.  On his own initiative, he went to the ninth floor and obtained a spare TV and brought it for the Saints second half, and let the cell keep as their own!  That was huge, unexpected good news improving cell morale instantaneously. This deputy had thought of these inmates with no TV at all, and no TV for the Saints game and acted upon his desire to help them. What a wonderful man!!!!

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.

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