Cannot really say worst ever, because I haven’t been around forever, but what I hear about the OPP phone company, Correctional Billing Services (CBS), and their Jail House division, Evercom Systems, Inc is  completely out of this world.

Their jail house practices prey on OPP inmates horribly. Since the advent of the cell phone world we all live in now, land lines are fading from many homes. Most people don’t remember many phone numbers anymore, you just check your cell address book or recently called list and make the call.

You can call only land lines from the roll in group holding cells.  You can call a cell phone only once for 20 seconds, then you need to set up a $35.00 account with them to ever call that number back.

The 20 second rule is outrageous, especially since you can’t ever call the number back without the account, which you cannot set up from jail, even if you know your credit card number.

How can Guzman justify this horrible, unfair policy? It’s inhumane!  Suppose your wife, husband, or significant other has a cell phone only, and doesn’t have the $35.00 to set up an account with a credit card. What happens is that you don’t have conversations with your wife, etc. while you are in jail, nor your lawyer, if he only has a cell.

If you happen to know the land line of a trusted friend, you can tell them and hope they contact your loved ones and attorney.  If not, you have a real communication problem and could be stuck in jail much longer than necessary. Communication with the outside is the only link an inmate has left, and when that is taken away, you make all prisoners much more unhappy.

Outside the big intake/outtake tank near the booking area, there are a few phones where you can call cell phones only. Your only chance to use these 2 or 3 phones is after you are booked, because you need your jail house ID number to use those phones. If other folks are on those phones, or you hang out in booking for only a few minutes when you are done getting booked, you may not get to use those phones, which means you can call cell phones only once for 20 seconds after that on the phone in your communal cell.

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.


  1. i need a number to call yall

  2. […] written before about the policy of overcharging inmates and their families for phone calls. This issue easily gets my blood boiling. For most inmates, the phone is the only way to contact […]

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