OPP and Diet

The defendant  spent four and a half days in jail last week, the third time he’s gone to jail for the simple burglary he didn’t commit. This time, he dropped 15 to 2o lbs. He went from 165-170 to 150.  He ate all his food.  His food mindset changed radically the second he arrived in jail. It was such a shock that he was arrested out of the blue again, it changed how he felt about food. He had trouble eating around 5 am when they wake you up, as he doesn’t eat immediately upon waking at home. While preparing breakfast for the wife during the week at 5:30-6 pm, he often cannot eat until hours later.

The food is terrible, it’s sad, it’s unbelievable. A few Doritos or potato chips to place on your super cheap baloney or some form of gelatinous turkey or chicken roll would go a very long way. None are available on N 3.3 in the House Of Detention, as store options are no longer extended.

Last time he was in jail, about a year ago for the exact same crime he didn’t commit for about the same amount of time, 5 days, the store was available on the Receiving Tier.

Breakfast was two individual boxes of off brand frosted flakes with eight ounces of milk with 3 oz canned fruit the first day in my communal cell; hot oatmeal with canned fruit the second day, and  hot grits with canned fruit his final breakfast.

For lunch and dinner, they have  2 cold sandwiches for lunch, then a hot dinner; then a hot lunch, and a cold sandwich dinner. Hot dinners had a lot of meat a couple of times, once with pinto beans and rice, the other time with beans and rice in more of a stew.

The weirdest part of the meals is the time they serve them: 5:30 am for breakfast, then 11 am for lunch, and 3:30-4 pm for dinner.  After dinner you have lots of time, 14 hours between meals. Lots of guys try to save a bit of dinner for a snack before breakfast. The in crowd gets to raid the ice chest for their extra rations.

This is really lousy food, it’s completely obvious that they are skimping on the prisoner’s rations, they couldn’t be spending  more than a couple of bucks per prisoner, it’s positively the worst food of any jail in the whole metropolitan area.

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.

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