NOLA DA talking about easing marijuana prosecutions

The same DA (Cannizzaro) who instituted arbitrary changes in his practices without consulting the Criminal Court Judges,  may have taken a smart pill.  Judges prefer to have new policies that affect them explained to them beforehand.  When they aren’t, the judges can get quite testy.

Cannizzaro wants to move little marijuana cases  from the Criminal Courts to the Municipal Courts. This partially decriminalizes possession of small amounts of pot.  One glaring problem with this solution is the Municipal Courts have enough business already.  There’s no money to augment the Municipal Court staff, so they can absorb a sizable number of new cases.   The police, who often focus on pot busts, warrants, attachments, etc. for their busts, may not be interested in this plan.

I got this quote from my fellow NOLA blogger- –  George “Loki” Williams,  who moved out of town recently when his wife got a new job:  “Aw, but its SO much easier to bust a college kid from NYC for smoking a joint than it is to face down someone with a gun….”

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.

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