Medical Neclect at OPP HOD

House of Detention (HOD) in the middle background

After you get arrested in Orleans Parish and if you aren’t a violent personality, you enter the big room. The big room holds a couple hundred folks, and as tall as a gymnasium.  The floor is concrete, and that’s where you generally sleep that first night, before you are booked. Booking has taken my guy 20 hours, 27 hours, and 12 hours the last time he was booked.

If you are an older person and not drunk when you come in, the concrete floor with no cover or pillow and the lights on 24/7, is a tough place to sleep to say the least. If you are good and drunk, you won’t mind that concrete at all the first night!

That first night on the concrete set the defendant’s damaged vertebrae off. His back continued to get worse the entire time he was in. From the first morning when he was transferred he mentioned to every single deputy that he wanted a Sick Form.  The Sick Forms don’t hang out by the deputy’s station and desk outside of the three cell wing. The forms reside in Sick Bay, somewhere else in the huge complex. This set up guarantees that only those in the inside click ever get that form.

He never did get to Sick Bay, and rolled out without getting a single Tylenol from Guzman’s House.

When he was transferred to the HOD Receiving Unit he received no mattress, but a ‘kit’- rough blanket, rough towel, a plastic cup, a plastic spork, a really cheap toothbrush and a small tube of fluoride toothpaste. He laid the blanket down to cover the iron and sleep with a improvised pillow (rolled up towel)  and no cover.

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