Guzman Prison Operation Grinding Very Slowly to A Halt

Simultaneously, the Sheriff has gained control of his Deputy Sheriffs and of his inmates by instituting policies which cut morale in both groups to ribbons.

These policies showed the new Mayor and Gov Jindal that Guzman was a team player and on the same budget cutting page as they were.

Guzman neutered his troops by firing 1,000 Deputies regardless of seniority. Seniority was the hallmark of a good career as a Deputy Sheriff. Without seniority, anyone could be fired. What click you were in suddenly mattered a lot more.

With the inmates, he took away smoking completely and took away random TVs and store privileges. When a heavy smoker comes in, he generally smokes a bit of the real straw broom before giving up cold turkey. As late as last year, the inmates could order a Bugler Pack from the store form, that’s gone now.

For generations the prison store made their money on other items, but sold Bugler Packs for a dollar. Everyone knew that time in jail with smokes is tolerable, the inmates are a bit edgier without. He remembers when he went into Jail last summer, the inmates were commenting that Buglers cost 4 dollars, what the heck was going on? Now they are gone.

A tiny bit of tobacco or weed is brought in by incoming inmates, wrapped in toilet paper. They smoke 1 or 2 hand rolled thin cigarettes until it runs out in a few days. Smuggling in a cheap lighter is rare but someone in the three communal cells has a single lighter which is passed between the three cells by members of the in crowd.


~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.

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