Further Trust Issues

Can my guy and his bruised family ever feel like the accusing technician across the street won’t come back with another faked charge in the near future, to finish the job he started but failed to finish?  That is the big big question facing the exonerated but still in danger former defendant.

My guy isn’t alone about wondering about former neighbor accusers who are still there when the process ends in 6-0 jury acquittal.  His family and friends also feel he is somewhat unsafe.

However, the person who told the police the laptop was stolen by his neighbor across the street called over the former defendant early one morning soon after the former defendant was acquitted unanimously by a 6 person jury in a 1 day trial.

He made up some baloney about a mutual friend he spoke with about the defendant that said the former defendant was a  cool family man with his own music biz.  That’s why he didn’t appear in Court during the trial, though he spoke to the prosecutor via phone during the trial with a different story,  saying he was on his way back into town. He never made it to the trial, disappointing the prosecutor and the judge immensely who waited all trial for his arrival. The accuser fibbed to the Court saying he was out of town when he was actually in town working and living at home uptown.

The former defendant’s attorney said two days before the trial he believed the judge wanted the case to settle prior to trial, but the Assistant D.A.’s agenda not to settle the case was unknown to the judge.

What his accuser told the former defendant in their single 1 minute long street meeting was telling. He asked the former defendant to be nice to his family. He was worried about repercussions from the acquittal.  The fact that the defendant was incapable of stealing the laptop or harming anyone escaped him. He thought the guilty party that he fingered had cheated Lady Justice and gotten off.  In fact the accused wasn’t ever guilty, and the accuser was always wrong in his very poor identifications.

He was far more dangerous to the public than the former defendant, who still has no criminal record.

Why did the accuser refuse to appear in court, over two years after he fingered the former defendant?  He learned over time living across the street from the defendant that the defendant was a polite family man with his own biz who helped his teenage son and somewhat disabled wife all the time. He saw the former defendant and his family as nice neighbors over the two plus years the case dragged on. This fool is sweating repercussions? He has to be kidding!! My friend and his family sweat this jerk’s next false move!

There’s a major lack of trust between the accuser’s and the defendant’s family. Over the last two years, my finally free friend has noticed that the accuser isn’t ever out at 6 am. He’s not out until at least an hour later.  So what was he doing lying to the cops about his neighbor about events that happened before he was up ? His real motives aren’t known and probably won’t ever be. They can’t be good, pure, or anything great, but a huge stupid mistake made by a callused fool.

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.

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