Faux Pot

A huge new trend has taken over the Diversion, under aged, and corporate drug tested crowds.  Fake marijuana has taken hold in a big way.  Visit any head shop in the New Orleans area, and they are selling a dozen or so different 1 gram and 3 gram packages of “incense”.  Most brands have a disclaimer stating the contents are not for human consumption.  Pulse contains no such statement. They come from all over the country, and all over the world. Some of the names: Serenity Now, Chocolate City, Mojo, Very Cherry, and Pulse.  Reports are flying in as to the effectiveness of these substitutes. The 3 gram bags cost between $45 and $65 dollars. This is around the price of very high grade, seedless marijuana.

Diversion participants like it because they are drug screened most weeks or two.  None of these blends have any THC to worry about.  Teenagers like fake pot because it is legal.  Many corporations drug screen their employees.  Some do it randomly, and some announce when the tests are weeks in advance!

The clear winner to date is Serenity Now.  Sold locally mostly at the Mushroom on Broadway uptown, it’s obvious they are selling hundreds of packets a week.  The Mushroom reports that every batch they receive of Serenity Now comes in a different package. The labeling is the same, however. Almost nothing but much cheaper alternatives sell when Serenity Now is in stock.  The Mushroom ran out of  Serenity for three weeks during Summer 2009, they sold all the other “incenses” they carried. Up In Smoke on Magazine keeps getting new “incenses” in, as does the Mushroom, and all three Herb Imports.

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.

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