Fake Pot Fake Out

August 14, 2010- end of Fake Pot Era 1.o. When the legislature’s ban took effect, there wasn’t a drug screen available to catch users of the fake pot 1.0.

August 20, birth of Fake Pot Generation 2.0. Brand new version of Fake Pot was spotted at Uptown Smoke selling for around $18.50 for 1.5 grams including tax. There is much more to this story, the Mushroom uptown on Broadway near Freret has a very interesting story to tell.

There is no drug screen test to catch users of fake pot 2.o either.

Before moving their nationwide fake pot biz out of the North Shore around August 2010 to Houston, TX, the Mushroom made millions of dollars selling high quality fake pot around the nation for under a year.

An uptown Tulane institution since the mid 1970s, the Mushroom was a successful independent head shop that survived due to their very close proximity to the uptown universities.  When the fake pot biz developed in 2009, the Mushroom hired an older chemist and on the North Shore, treated tons of safe herbs with an altered THC spray.  Because of their decent price and quality product lots of convenience stores and independent head shops purchased from the Mushroom. Then several alternative distributors with weaker product at a lower price hit the convenience stores, and took the biz from the Mushroom. The Mushroom kept their regional and national business, selling for a cheaper price than the industry innovator and standard, Serenity Now.

Originally at the dawn of Fake Pot 1.0, the Mushroom was a big vendor for Serenity Now. It didn’t take long for the Mushroom owner to realize the vast size of this new market and new alternative substance.  He contacted an old chemist friend who joined on board in an instant, and moved to the North Shore and became the dascents biz.

When the LA Legislature banned the current versions of fake pot, the Mushroom realized that most of the nation still allowed the stuff, so they moved to Houston since its still legal there. For LA, they re-concocted a brand new blend and spray that they’ve shown to the NOPD with lab results showing that no illegal materials are being sold by them in LA or around the country where similar laws as LA has enacted.

The most exciting news is, a new millionaire has joined the ranks of other LA millionaires. Tim, founder of the Mushroom, had waited his whole head shop career to get this once in a lifetime opportunity to capitalize on the fractured fake pot market nationwide and locally in fake pot 1.o.

Now positioned perfectly for fake pot 2.o, Tim has quietly eliminated virtually all local convenience store competition by not selling to them.  This hasn’t hurt them, as most of the convenience stores have found 2.0 product from other vendors. Again, the convenience stores have cut the price of their Fugue brand 2.0 for 12.99 for 1.5 grams, which is $8.67 per gram, cheaper than the Mushroom sells their stuff, which averages over $10.00 per gram.


~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Fake Pot Fake Out”

  1. Is there a reason why some of the 1.0 an 2.0 blends are coming out as traces of thc on a drug test

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