There is a lot of money in the botanical sachet business, which has reinvented itself a second time into BS 2.0.  Following the economic trail will always do you well, it’s where the action always is.

When BS 1.0 began, there was Serenity Now, Mojo, and a few other brands. Head shops were the only stores selling it.  Soon, DaScents was formed at the Mushroom Head Shop uptown, and began a big manufacturing and distribution operation from a warehouse on the North Shore. They were soon selling their own version of BS all over the country to head shops and convenience stores.  We are talking BIG money now.  Within a month or two, every convenience store in New Orleans was selling the DaScents  brand or another.  Very soon, via weaker brands, they were able to under price DaScents. They no longer needed the DaScents stuff.

During the summer the Louisiana Legislature banned the 3 versions of BS that were currently sold, with a cutoff date of August 15, 2010.  A couple of folks have been found in possession of BS 1.0 since then, and have been arrested.

Around 10 days after the cutoff date, BS 2.0 began to show up. A head shop on Magazine St had Fugue, and the DaScents folks had their versions. All these 2.0 types have been lab certified NOT to contain any banned versions of BS. DaScents even showed their new stuff to NOPD and they cleared it

All 2.o bags have a disclaimer stating they contain no illegal ingredients and none of the three outlawed versions.

DaScents decided to stop manufacturing and packaging operations in Louisiana, and moved to Texas. With their 1.0 moolah, they purchased a home and warehouse and hired a second chemist to work with their NOLA former hippy chemist. I’ve learned from a senior DaSecents manager that the DaScents owner’s retirement money went from OK to excellent during 1.0.

DaScents wouldn’t sell the convenience stores any 2.0 because they quit DaScents for other options during 1.0. Now, a bit more than a month since 1.o was banned, the convenience stores have a whole line of their own from other manufacturers and distributors.

DaScents sold around ten brands during 1.0, and in 2.0 they have six brands. All their brands work, but some are stronger than others.

In the months before 1.0 was banned, lots of varieties of BS were sold, some for $7.99 for a single gram. This stuff had some potency when first sold, but soon was very watered down. DaScents was selling a gram for around double that, so there was big market for cheaper and smaller amounts.

With 2.0, DaScents is trying to hold the line on price and restrict the slightly cheaper side deals many DaScents employees were offering.  It seems to me the reason DaScents has raised their price was greed?  After all, there is absolutely no doubt that they made a ton of money on 1.0. It’s true that DaScents had to spend some money to begin 2.0, with the house purchase and warehouse, more employees, etc.

So what might the future hold for BS 2.0?  Let’s revisit the issue of the Louisiana Legislature ban. In their ultimate wisdom, our elected representatives, senators, and governor banned the three available varieties of BS, leaving numerous varieties available for the BIG marketplace to sell.

Online, DaScents sells to consumers via the web, but Serenity Now sells only to distributors. There most be other web players, but I haven’t run into them. Obviously the online sales for DaScents to consumers must be a very lucrative business.

So far thirteen states have enacted some type of BS ban, leaving forty seven states available for 1.0, and the rest for 2.0. Therefore the future and the big money seems bright for now.’s Synthetic Cannabis  entry:

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.


  1. It bites my @ that alcohol is so readily available n causes more problems than any NATURAL product out there,we,re in such a so called deficit and we all know that there’s no side affects such as alcohol or drugs…So why not LEGALIZE..”BE WISE”!! We could come right out that deficit, have happy people,That are productive and if you’re not wait till you have nothing to do but relax.So many people abuse,misuse n label things. Just like they’ve labeled n abused some of our best breed of dogs.Hell the people who really need medication “once again” are haven a hard time because of those losers that just want a high!!!! We the REAL PEOPLE have had it and think they all need to taken down…

    • Alcohol has been around since the beginning of time, so no one is about to ban that stuff again. Is alcohol more damaging to society than pot? I personally think booze is way more damaging. Life isn’t fair and this is a perfect example of that.

  2. money…


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