Drugs and Jail

Drugs, more drugs and more jails

Jail and Drugs

Jail and drugs are very closely related. Most inmates have a drug problem, some sell drugs and have been caught more than once.

Nicotine is most missed in jail. Smokes are not allowed in HOD. This time, for the first time, I watched desperate inmates take a single strand of the pretty dirty real straw broom, break it up into 3 inch pieces, and roll it using toilet paper as a rolling paper, and smoke it. A more harsh smoke doesn’t exist in this world.  They are not getting any nicotine this way, but they do get to light it, bring it up to their lips several times, and puff out smoke.  Most inmates do this only once, as it truly tastes beyond nasty and is very rough on your lungs.

Now to the world of meth, heroin,  coke, crack, pot, pills, booze, etc.  Heroin affects white and black inmates, it’s very cheap to buy on the outside.  Some manage to run their own little companies. One guy had been on a three bag a day habit, but he got clean in the Jefferson Parish jail, and when he got out, he was no longer a daily user, but a weekend one.  He’s a West Bank Contractor.

Meth addictions aren’t very widespread in OPP, usually one guy per cell messes with Meth.  Plenty of guys sell Coke or Crack. The words are interchangeable, and some are caught selling the stuff for a living, others are casual users, some are caught with paraphernalia only or a beer and paraphernalia.

Some are caught with a single joint, or less than a joint. Many of the drug arrests are bunk, based on such small amounts it unbelievable. Often criminal trespass and public drunkenness are added to extremely minimal drug arrests.

Drugs are truly the common denominator of jail. Jails help an awful lot of prisoners quit their heroin, meth, etc. habits cold turkey, without any help from anyone.

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.

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